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Based in Little River and serving the entire greater Myrtle Beach area of the Grand Strand in SC, The Human Performance and Wellness Center is designed to help keep our members and patients healthy. In the past, patients would come to their doctor sick, and the doctor was then paid to get them healthy, usually by writing a prescription for some form of medication.RX Prescription for Physical Therapy

Now, the doctor can give you a prescription to use the performance based systems of The Human Performance and Wellness Center to restore your health and keep you, the patient, healthy!

We set up this website to provide you with information about our company, including an online tour of our facilities and a breakdown of our services and pricing.

We also have provided information about Fitness Zone, our in-house fitness center, as well as our online store for Alpha Athletics, our line of fitness apparel.

We strive to serve you, and look forward to answering any questions you may have. Our contact page has an interactive map that can give you directions to our facility, as well as a contact form you can fill out to contact us directly.

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